Sudbury Supporters’ Group

Sudbury hosted the Canadians, the Cyclones, and many previous high-calibre clubs, including two National Soccer League (NSL) Champions: Frood Mine (1939) and Sudbury Italia (1968).

As of August 16th, 2023, we’re back in action. Starting play in 2024, the Sudbury Cyclones return to the Big Nickel to play at James Jerome Sports Complex in League2 Ontario! While the franchise is only currently approved for the launch of the men’s side, a women’s side is sure to follow closely behind!


What is a supporters’ group?

A supporters’ group is an independent fan club or campaign group.

In soccer, supporters’ groups are the die-hard fans singing, chanting, waving scarves & flags, unfurling banners, launching smoke bombs & fireworks, and doing everything they can to keep the crowd cheering throughout the match, even when the team is losing.

Some supporters’ groups are often involved in events between matches: drumming up interest in the local club, volunteering in youth leagues and the community, social nights, and even banding together to support local teams in other sports.

Supporters’ groups often have unique scarves, hats, and jackets. In many cases, the group will work together to arrange transportation to/from matches, allowing the supporters to arrive en masse at home matches, rivalry matches, and other vital matches on the road. Some clubs provide members of supporters’ groups with cheaper tickets, storage room for banners & flags, and early access to the stadium to set up TIFO. Additionally, supporters’ groups often receive advance notice of the team’s events, like player meet & greets.

Hooliganism is generally not tolerated within most supporters’ groups as their central role is to support the players, team, and the game.

Our Objectives

   High-Level Soccer

Build an active and visible supporters group to work with local government, businessmen, and community leaders to promote the creation of appropriate facilities and infrastructure to support high-level soccer in Sudbury.

   Community Involvement

Become a part of the soccer community in Sudbury through volunteering and running small events to increase involvement in local soccer, both amateur & professional.

   Stadium Construction

Witness the construction of an outdoor turf stadium with permanent soccer lines and covered seating for at least 2,000 people, with the potential to expand seating to support as many as 10,000 as local support grows.


A Growing Sport

Soccer is growing rapidly across the country, with the Canadian Premier League’s launch in 2018, the national expansion of League1 Canada, and the launch of Project 8.

In 2024, League1 Ontario is splitting into three tiers with promotion & relegation in 2024. As the 13th-largest city in Ontario, 31st across Canada, Sudbury was more than ready to be the 1st announced team for League2 Ontario.

With the relaunch of Sudbury Cyclones, Dario Zulich of Sudbury Wolves Sports & Entertainment, made the following note:

Soccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in North America and we are poised to ride this wave, catering to a vast demographic that resonates with our values and mission.


Together with the community, we’re not just bringing back a team, we’re reigniting a spirit and laying the groundwork for a vibrant, soccer-loving culture.

-Dario Zulich
Sudbury Wolves Sports & Entertainment
16 Aug 2023, Sudbury Star

James Jerome Stadium. Green turf adorned with white football lines & yellow soccer lines. Stadium lighting and a "snowflake" shaped white building (Science North) is in the background.

Help Develop the Sudbury Supporters’ Group Today!

Every member helps send the message that we need high-calibre soccer in Sudbury. Contact us to join the group and help develop our supporters’ group right at the very beginning. Share your skills and connect with like-minded soccer fans, forming a community that can have a lasting impact on the city & the game.

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